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March 28th 2006 - Press conference



we cordially invite you to the opening
held on the 23rd March 2006 at 8PM
in the storehouse space of Selfstorage on Kopčianska st. 17 in Bratislava
(behind train station Petrľalka; Bus No. 80 or 99, bus stop Závod Matador)

conception: Mira Keratová and Lucia Tkáčová
participating artists: Zbyněk Baladrán (CZ), Pavol Čejka (SK), Miklos Erhardt (HU), Kurt & Plasto (BIH), Kristina Leko (CRO),
Marek Meduna (CZ), Michal Moravčík (SK), Ilona Németh (SK), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Rafani (CZ),
Isa Rosenberger (A), Janek Simon (PL), Milan Tittel (SK)

exhibition lasts until 31st May 2006
more info at 00421 905 511 582,
project is supported by Akzent Media, Ministry of Culture SR, Repro Bittner, Selfstorage

Point of departure thesis of public art exhibition Donaumonarchie is critical reflection of the idea of Central Europe. Focus is placed on questions and rethinking of the identity of this specific geopolitical space and in this context go in search for intersections and changing relations within the structural framework of culture vs. politics, economics and ideology of this particular region. The title of the project corresponds with one of the leitmotifs of Central-European discursus - the nostalgia of Habsburg myth, often coming from the idea of harmonious multiculturalism in particular. However the exhibition brings back more recent focus of so called Central-Europeanism too, which is the common experience of individual states with communistic dictatorship. Nevertheless the utopian - nostalgic idea of Central Europe is similarly as that from times of Iron Curtain, and in spite of continuing process of European integration, considered to be an instrument of affiliation to Europe as such. Geographical - historical base, the context and the countries of former Habsburg monarchy / former socialistic Ost block / today´s New Europe, serve as a basic platform for the project outline. The exhibition articulates geopolitical relations of selected countries for which became significant frequent change of regimes and reality of individual states under long lasting political control of other units, or foreign authorities; states for centuries being object not subject of their own destiny. Thus the ambition of the Donaumonarchie project is to define territory - quickly, helpfully, flexibly and in accordance with adopted models, developing from socialistic totalitarism to neoliberalism, or rather radical capitalism; territory with problematic historical and cultural identity, lack of authentic (political, economical or even artistic) structures, suffering with remote witnessing as a destiny of periphery.

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contact, tel: 00421 905 511 582
support akzent media, reprobittner, visegrad fund



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