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The international public art project Billboart Gallery Europe focuses on the presentation of contemporary visual art in urban public spaces. The project is based on the network cooperation among selected curators from Central and Eastern European countries. However the project is aimed to build a functioning structure of a communication network of local billboard galleries all over Europe, with further possible expansion also to the other regions as well. The network concept is the crucial point of the whole project.

Non-commercial and non-profit Billboart Gallery Europe aims to initiate the establishment of networked billboard galleries, placed in the exposed areas of European cities. Billboard surfaces are being transformed to the permanent exhibition space and provide a platform for the communication among participating countries. Reciprocal exchange of artistic or curatorial projects, together with simultaneously running exhibitions, help to establish new interconnecting links. This way of presentation not only opens a communication scope of artwork, but it also helps to broaden its target group - by including incidental spectators into the intended audience.

Billboart Gallery Europe exhibition program, by reflecting wider cultural and social context of individual countries, consists of international and regional parts, subordinated to mutual discussion of participating curators. The circulation of the projects within the network scale, secures the successful sustainability of the idea of crossborder cooperation and communication. Another specific of the project is continuously updated database of artistic projects and artists all over the world, exclusivelly built for Billboart Gallery Europe needs.

Billboart Gallery Europe