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The international project Billboart Gallery Europe is based on network cooperation and focuses on a presentation of contemporary art in public spaces of European cities. The project aims to build up a functioning structure of a communication network of local billboard galleries all over Europe. The network concept is the crucial point of the whole project.


The project aims to initiate the establishment of networked billboard galleries (permanent exhibition space on billboards) placed in the exposed areas of European cities. Billboard surface transformed to the gallery space opens a communication scope of artwork by including incidental spectators crossing streets of the city into the intended audience. Billboard galleries, using art as the main communicating channel, will provide a platform for the communication of participating countries. As a result of the reciprocal exchange of artistic/curatorial projects and simultaneously running exhibitions in public spaces of different cities, an inexperienced interconnecting link will be established.
The gallery program consists of international and regional parts. The Regional program of the Gallery will present the artworks in the context of that particular participating country. The presentation of art projects within the International part of the Gallery program is based on a selection from a wide range of both local and foreign authors. The circulation of the projects will secure the key idea of the whole project - network cooperation and communication. Besides the collective exhibition prepared each year, other shared exhibitions will be realized, also as a part of the project's international program. However the extent and amount of participating countries depends on the agreement of the participating coordinators.

Billboart Gallery Europe